A Dining Tour of Solitude

Posted By: Nick Como, February 4, 2018

Skiing makes us hungry. Very, very hungry. Some of our “simpler” family members call us foodies. Not really, we’re more….eaters. Quality eaters that is, but not over the top fussy by any means. I don’t demand foie gras after skiing. In fact, I had to google how to spell it, so that’s not what we’re talking about here.

Solitude is a mountain where it is safe to work up an appetite. Between the Moonbeam base area, The Village, and the on-mountain & après options, there’s a place to sink a fork in after every turn. The fun part is the consistency you’ll find at multiple locations, like burgers or coffee, while also enjoying the diverse menus and international flavors.

The friendly marketing folks put together an  informative page with all the dining options lined out. 

Very convenient, but realistically here is HOW to eat at Solitude from our perspective. Laura and I ski together a lot. It’s one of our favorite things to do. But sometimes we have different approaches on, say, a powder day or a girl’s ski day. This is our usual weekend game plan if we ski together one day and then separately the next.

Breakfast 1: Stone Haus Pizzeria & Creamery

It’s a pooooooowwwwder day! The coffee is always hot at the Stone Haus, and if you are in a rush there is a wide selection of pastries to grab and go. We usually opt for the breakfast burrito on a powder day since it is so filling and the staff gets these out piping hot in about five minutes. Yes, I actually timed this on a non-powder day for future reference. Stone Haus also serves pizza for lunch, as well as mid-day coffee for when a pick-me-up is deemed necessary.

Lunch 1: Roundhouse

Things we look forward to before ski season, ranked:
1. Skiing
2. Skiing powder
3. Curry fries at the Roundhouse

Seriously, the curry fries are so addictive that they must be mixing something illegal into them. The menu features several Himalayan favorites: think saag and naan. If your taste buds prefer to stay stateside, you’ll love their burgers or the chicken pot pie, which doesn’t fit on the plate it’s so huge.

Après Ski & Snacks: Argenta Pub

Located at the Moonbeam Lodge, Argenta (named after a silver mine) is the go to for a quick beer after a day on the slopes. “Couples that ski together, share a pitcher together,” is our après tradition. PBR is a local favorite, as is the Solitude BrewSki Mountain Lager, craft brewed by Salt Lake’s Bohemian Brewery

Dinner 1: The Yurt

The Yurt is the quintessential Solitude dining experience. Make reservations the instant after you make your lodging reservations as service is typically limited to Thursday - Sundays, and it only seats about two dozen people. If you’re lucky enough to grab seats, you’ll be led up via snowshoes from the Village to a five-course dining experience tucked off a ski run (look for The Yurt on the Sunrise Lift to your left). The Yurt is a unique and unforgettable experience - jump on the opportunity if you can.

Breakfast 2: St. Bernard’s

There’s something special about starting your day with a classic skier’s buffet. Grab and go is great for a powder day, but chowing down with your family and friends in long johns and sweaters while the groomers finish up their work is the essence of skiing. Same for oatmeal and cast iron egg dishes to fuel your day - and St. B’s has both, as well as all the breakfast staples. We’re heading our separate ways today, so sharing a nice breakfast near the roaring fireplace sets the right tone.

Lunch 2 (Nick): Moonbeam Lodge

I am skiing with a group of friends from back east who want to ski every run on the mountain. No joke. Therefore, Moonbeam is the best bet for plenty of seating, a quick chow line and stellar food. I am preferable to the flank steak with blue cheese, but with Team Long Island and Team New Jersey counting the minutes, burgers were the way to go. Our vegetarian friend appreciated the veggie-burger options, which looked equally tasty.

Lunch 2 (Laura): Last Chance Southwest Grill

With so many options to choose from, my girlfriends and I opted to eat lunch at Last Chance. I figured we couldn’t go wrong with yummy Southwest-inspired salad options, or tacos and chili for anyone that wanted something a little more filling. As an added bonus, the spicy food helped warm us up on a cold day in between runs. Our choice was perfect, and my group of girlfriends were all able to find something they liked - even those on special diets.

Après Ski (Nick): Thirsty Squirrel

I needed a break chasing around my friends, so I sent them up Apex Express for a few laps then ducked into the Thirsty Squirrel to catch up on scores from playoff games while enjoying a quick beer. I never made it back out as the company was too good, beer too cold and turkey chili nachos too desirable. My friends knew where to find me when the lifts closed at 4 PM.

Après Ski (Laura): Library Bar for wine

If wine is your typical drink of choice, the Library Bar should be your go-to spot for après. While the Thirsty Squirrel offers several wine options, you’ll find a wider selection at this location inside the Inn at Solitude. If your friends aren’t into wine, don’t worry as there is a full bar with imported and local beers and cocktails. Oh, and the sunset views are really nice too!

Dinner 2: Honeycomb Grill

You might think we’d have gotten full by now, but we saved one of our favorites for last. Easily the best patio at the resort on spring days to catch rays, Honeycomb also serves stellar food. The ambiance is casual and family-friendly, and the menu approachable with flat breads, soups and pastas, as well as steaks and chops. There really is something for everyone, and you can have several dinners here before running out of options on the menu.

It is worth noting most of these locations are open for meals in addition to what we mentioned. For example, Moonbeam Lodge serves breakfast, lunch and après nosh. Honeycomb Grill, where we chose to eat dinner, is excellent for lunch as well. Grab a fork and dig in - cheers!

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