Girlfriend Getaway to Solitude Mountain Resort

Posted By: Julianna Smith, April 11, 2017

Who else has some good girls in their lives? If you’re lucky like I am, you are surrounded by career-driven, smart, and talented women. These amazing attributes are also the reasons it’s hard to see these women regularly. As the cliché goes, “life gets in the way,” but it’s true and it is exactly why you need to plan a girls’ night at Solitude Mountain Resort like I did! Kidnap these busy babes from their husbands/kids/jobs/obligations and throw caution to the wind (if only for a night)! Or just invite them; you don’t have to kidnap them. They might prefer to plan ahead too, I guess.

We stayed at The Inn at Solitude, which is located conveniently in Solitude Village. The staff valet-parked my car and delivered my luggage, which let me hop on a chairlift in no time. (Insert heart-eyes emoji here.) Our room was spacious and well-lit, and fit three of us and our bags very comfortably. In fact, after I was done snowboarding for the day, I was lulled into a little après-nap by one of the big beds in our room. I couldn’t resist it’s powers! Plus, you have to be properly charged when you’ve got big evening plans with your ladies, so a nap was necessary.

Solitude Village has this quaint, European feel so you can trick yourself into thinking you’re farther away from home than you are - this is key for a local girls’ night. We took advantage of the complimentary s’mores station that is offered on Saturday evenings in Solitude Village to kick off our night, which was both delicious and charming. Then we headed straight to the Thirsty Squirrel for a quick round before dinner, which has some of the most attentive and consistent service in Salt Lake City. There, I said it and it’s true, dangit. The Squirrel has a super fun vibe and feels more like a neighborhood pub than a resort watering hole. If you’re lucky, you’ll see some overly-imbibed tourists who want to challenge a local to some shuffle board. Accept this challenge. You will (almost) always win, plus you’ll walk away with a story.

Once we were done with our drinks, we made the ridiculously short jaunt over to St. Bernard’s for some dinner. Convenience is key for girls’ night, and the village offers it with close proximity between all of these places. No need to drive, so you can feel free to indulge in drinks with no worries. St. Bernard’s is on the first floor of The Inn, so just like that we were back where we wanted to be for the night.

As soon as you walk into the restaurant, you are enveloped in the delicious aroma of their food, and the space features a gorgeous fireplace, which makes you feel like you’re in an upscale and elegant ski lodge. Our service was warm and attentive, without being overbearing or ill-timed, a feat to achieve in any restaurant. We took advice from Solitude’s Food and Beverage Director, Andrew Fletcher, who recommended a fantastic cabernet from the Honig winery. I said fancy things like “robust” and “tannins” because I’ve heard those things in a movie before and it just felt right. My friend Holly, who knows wine far better than me, assured me that this wine was a stellar recommendation and told me to stop saying words I had no business saying. I obliged.

The items at St. Bernard’s are served buffet-style and cooked in smaller batches, so you won’t see any absurd mounds of unidentifiable food that have been sitting out far too long here. The food is replenished frequently by the observant kitchen staff, who work like elves to keep things stocked while you aren’t looking. I literally interrupted my table’s conversation to talk about how delicious the Sweet-Tea Brined Wild Boar Tenderloin was by saying “Oh my god you guys.” It was very serious. Every single protein was cooked to perfection, and the sides were thoughtfully paired accompaniments to such delicious main courses. We enjoyed all of the food (maybe a little too much) but we made sure to save room for cocktails and desserts. This was a girls’ night, after all.

Dessert is offered in perfectly bite-sized amounts, so you don’t have to gorge on too much of anything. Our doting server, Evan, brought us over a smattering of the desserts to let us taste-test everything. We all had a different favorite; there really was something to please any palate. My personal favorite was the Maple Bourbon Pot de Creme. Enough said. Their cocktail menu can compete with any trendy cocktail bar in a major city, and we were lucky enough to try out a few different offerings from their well curated list. Highly recommended is the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, for a refreshing matchup of gin and vodka - you aren’t sure it’s going to work but it really does.

After dinner, we waddled back to our room and squeezed into our swimsuits for the on-site hot tub. The Inn at Solitude offers access to the larger pool and hot tubs at Club Solitude, but we opted for the closest hot tub option which was the first floor patio of The Inn. We loved this one because it was an intimate and low traffic setting, perfect for catching up with your best girlfriends. There’s just something about a spa that really brings people together. Once we were properly cooked, we retired to our room to enjoy some bubbly that we brought along. The beauty of indulging in drinks at The Inn was that none of us faced the treacherous threat of driving home - we stayed local and stayed safe as a result of spending the night.

My girlfriends and I loved our evening together at Solitude, and the next day we enjoyed working on our goggle tans during a beautiful bluebird day on the hill. Between the service, the amazing food and beverage, plus the always-incredible Utah snow, we could hardly ask for anything more from our girls’ trip. Well, maybe the one thing that could’ve made our girls’ night at Solitude even better would have been Magic Mike XXL in the big screen theater at Club Solitude. I just might have to make a special request next time.


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