You Wish You Could Ski Like Me

Posted By: Jeremy Pugh, December 6, 2017

While my fellow Solitude blogger, Nick Como, is busy sitting on walls and getting super bendy and hydrated in anticipation of Solitude’s opening day,  I’m focusing my energy on the important things, mostly what I’ll be having for lunch.

I’m thinking Roundhouse for some butter chicken. I mean it’s been a whole year. 

While Nick and the rest of Solitude’s hard chargers are racing up to the summit for the rope drop in Honeycomb Canyon, I’ll mostly likely be in the parking lot and probably haven’t even opened my car doors yet. I may not for a while, actually. I’ve perfected putting my boots on while still in the driver’s seat. I’ll take moment and contemplate things, sip my coffee and regard the white world outside my fogged windows.

Where others rip, I relax. C’mon be honest, you wish you could ski like me. 

I mean all that racing around, ugh, it’s exhausting! And the peer pressure. I mean I’ve skied with Nick. He’s like a Scotch terrier on Adderall. Last year, I’ll tell you, I accidentally hit a powder day on the same day all the dudes from Ski Utah were revving their engines in Moonbeam Lodge. I got dragged along on that escapade but managed to ditch them at the Powderhorn Gate as they all dropped into Milk Run. I’m like “you guys go ahead, I’ll catch up!” 

Those folks know what the view from Fantasy Ridge looks like. 

I know that the Argenta Pub starts serving beer at 11:30 a.m.

Of course, I like skiing! I’m even good at it. I just don’t like to rush things. I am after all not at work which is full of things that need rushing. Why would I spend my precious leisure hours at anything but a leisurely pace?

My ideal ski day, begins at like the crack of 9 a.m. I’ll ease into things. After opening my car door, I’ll have a nice saunter through the parking lot, dump my skis, maybe get a coffee at Moonbeam. I’ll probably head up to those beautiful groomers off Eagle—Challenger, Rumble, Grumble and Stumble. My form is awful but I’m not racing anyone for anything. I’m just following the sun across the resort and plotting where I’ll sit at the Roundhouse (upstairs by the big fire place, naturally).

It’s OK. I know you’ve thought the same thing trying to keep up with your boyfriend’s powder junkie buddies. Don’t lie.

Let it go. Free yourself. Me? I am unburdened with how I am supposed to ski. I just ski how I want. And if you want to do that with me, help me finish these nachos and we’ll get right to it. 

Jeremy Pugh is a ski and travel writer living in Salt Lake City. He is the author of “100 Things to Do in Salt Lake City Before You Die” and is really looking forward to his first day of eating drinking and, oh yeah, skiing at Solitude this season.

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