Solitude Influencers

Solitude is excited to develop its influencer team for the 2018/19 season. We are looking for motivated skiers and snowboarders who have a passion for the sport— and who can translate their love for the slopes here at Solitude.

Solitude Ambassador Program

Who we are looking for:

Someone who can be a positive representative of our brand. An individual who has an eye for capturing great organic content that is outgoing, friendly, and delivers on our brand message of an authentic and untarnished Utah territory. We need people who will show up and commit themselves to hitting Solitude’s slopes at least two times a week. We are not necessarily looking for professional skiers or snowboarders — we simply want a team of individuals who can show their love for the sport and Solitude.

Influencer perks:

  1. A free pass (um awesome!)
  2. Some Solitude schwag
  3. Networking with Solitude athletes, photographers, and employees
  4. A profile on the new ambassador page on our website
  5. The potential to be featured on our social channels and website


  1. Local to the area
  2. Must visit two or more times per week
  3. Intermediate to expert skier or snowboarder
  4. Outgoing and willing to put themselves out there
  5. Willing to interact with Solitude marketing on a regular basis
  6. Must attend Solitude athlete, photographer, and ambassador networking event (Date TBD)
  7. Willing to share photos and content with Solitude for social and website
  8. Public Instagram profile with engaging content (number of followers is not as important)

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